CHMIS-C: A Comprehensive Herbal Medicine Information System for Cancer


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A comprehensive herbal medicine information system for cancer (CHMIS-C) has been developed. The current version of the database integrates information on 203 cancer related molecular targets, 527 anticancer herbal recipes that have been used for the treatment of different types of cancer in clinic, 937 individual ingredients, and 9366 small organic molecules isolated from herbal medicines. Furthermore, subsidiary databases of literature references and molecular targets have been constructed. A number of web-based searching tools have been developed and integrated into the information system for efficient data mining. The compounds in the database have been linked to the corresponding entries in the National Cancer Institute's database, and to a database of drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. CHMIS-C provides a description of the individual subsidiary databases, integration of the entire database, and data mining tools. We demonstrate that this comprehensive information system may be used as an effective informatics tool for anticancer drug discovery.

CHMIS-C: A Comprehensive Herbal Medicine Information System for Cancer
Fang, X.; Shao, L.; Zhang, H.; Wang, S.*;  J. Med. Chem.; (Article); 2005; 48(5); 1481-1488. Abstract Full: HTML /  PDF

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