1: Lin Chua H, Brahmi Z. Related Articles, Links
Expression of p58.2 or CD94/NKG2A inhibitory receptors in an NK-like cell line, YTINDY, leads to HLA Class I-mediated inhibition of cytotoxicity in the p58.2- but not the CD94/NKG2A-expressing transfectant.
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The C-terminal domain of perfringolysin O is an essential cholesterol-binding unit targeting to cholesterol-rich microdomains.
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Inhibition of Human T Cell Activation by Novel Src Kinase Inhibitors Is Dependent upon the Complexity of the Signal Delivered to the Cell.
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The distinct capacity of Fyn and Lck to phosphorylate Sam68 in T cells is essentially governed by SH3/SH2-catalytic domain linker interactions.
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