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    C16H12O6    300.26

    1:  Maillet F, Debelle F, Denarie J.
    Role of the nodD and syrM genes in the activation of the regulatory gene nodD3, and of the common and host-specific nod genes of Rhizobium meliloti.
    Mol Microbiol.    impact factor:   6.361
    1990;  4(11): 1975-84

    2:  Ortmann R, Sandermann H, Grisebach H.
    Transfer of apiose from UDP-apiose to 7-O-(beta-D-glucosyl)-apigenin and 7-O-(beta-D-glucosyl)-chrysoeriol with an enzyme preparation from parsley.
    FEBS Lett.    impact factor:   3.72
    1970;  7(2): 164-166

    3:  Kyriakopoulou I, Magiatis P, Skaltsounis AL, Aligiannis N, Harvala C.
    Samioside, a new phenylethanoid glycoside with free-radical scavenging and antimicrobial activities from Phlomis samia.
    J Nat Prod.    impact factor:   1.652
    2001;  64(8): 1095-7

    4:  Chen CC, Huang YL, Sun CM, Shen CC.
    New prenylflavones from the leaves of Epimedium saggitatum.
    J Nat Prod.    impact factor:   1.652
    1996;  59(4): 412-4

    5:  Liu YL, Ho DK, Cassady JM, Cook VM, Baird WM.
    Isolation of potential cancer chemopreventive agents from Eriodictyon californicum.
    J Nat Prod.    impact factor:   1.652
    1992;  55(3): 357-63

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