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    C15H22O2    234.34

    1:  Matsuda H, Ninomiya K, Morikawa T, Yoshikawa M.
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    Bioorg Med Chem Lett.    impact factor:   1.759
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    2:  Hikino H, Sakurai Y, Numabe S, Takemoto T.
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    Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo).    impact factor:   1.117
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    3:  Morikawa T, Matsuda H, Ninomiya K, Yoshikawa M.
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    Biol Pharm Bull.    impact factor:   .844
    2002;  25(5): 627-31

    4:  Navarro Dde F, de Souza MM, Neto RA, Golin V, Niero R, Yunes RA, Delle Monache F, Cechinel Filho V.
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    Phytomedicine.    impact factor:   .185
    2002;  9(5): 427-32

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