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    C17H24O10    388.37

    1:  Yamamoto M, Miura N, Ohtake N, Amagaya S, Ishige A, Sasaki H, Komatsu Y, Fukuda K, Ito T, Terasawa K.
    Genipin, a metabolite derived from the herbal medicine Inchin-ko-to, and suppression of Fas-induced lethal liver apoptosis in mice.
    Gastroenterology.    impact factor:   12.182
    2000;  118(2): 380-9

    2:  Tsai TR, Tseng TY, Chen CF, Tsai TH.
    Identification and determination of geniposide contained in Gardenia jasminoides and in two preparations of mixed traditional Chinese medicines.
    J Chromatogr A.    impact factor:   2.52
    2002;  961(1): 83-8

    3:  Pan IH, Chiu HH, Lu CH, Lee LT, Li YK.
    Aqueous two-phase extraction as an effective tool for isolation of geniposide from gardenia fruit.
    J Chromatogr A.    impact factor:   2.52
    2002;  977(2): 239-46

    4:  Nakamura T, Nakazawa Y, Onizuka S, Satoh S, Chiba A, Sekihashi K, Miura A, Yasugahira N, Sasaki YF.
    Antimutagenicity of Tochu tea (an aqueous extract of Eucommia ulmoides leaves): 1. The clastogen-suppressing effects of Tochu tea in CHO cells and mice.
    Mutat Res.    impact factor:   2.107
    1997;  388(1): 7-20

    5:  Liaw J, Chao YC.
    Effect of in vitro and in vivo aerosolized treatment with geniposide on tracheal permeability in ovalbumin-induced guinea pigs.
    Eur J Pharmacol.    impact factor:   2.047
    2001;  433(1): 115-21

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