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    C23H28O6    400.47

    1:  Wang JP, Raung SL, Hsu MF, Chen CC.
    Inhibition by gomisin C (a lignan from Schizandra chinensis) of the respiratory burst of rat neutrophils.
    Br J Pharmacol.    impact factor:   3.722
    1994;  113(3): 945-53

    2:  Kvasnickova L, Glatz Z, Sterbova H, Kahle V, Slanina J, Musil P.
    Application of capillary electrochromatography using macroporous polyacrylamide columns for the analysis of lignans from seeds of Schisandra chinensis.
    J Chromatogr A.    impact factor:   2.52
    2001;  916(1-2): 265-71

    3:  Zhang XM, Chen DF, He XJ, Yang S, Zheng P, Jiang MH.
    Blocking effects of heteroclitin D and gomisin J on L-type calcium channels in ventricular cells of guinea pig.
    Acta Pharmacol Sin.    impact factor:   .196
    2000;  21(4): 373-6

    4:  Bartlova M, Opletal L, Chobot V, Sovova H.
    Liquid chromatographic analysis of supercritical carbon dioxide extracts of Schizandra chinensis.
    J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci.    impact factor:   0
    2002;  770(1-2): 283-9

    5:  Opletal L, Krenkova M, Havlickova P.
    [Phytotherapeutic aspects of diseases of the circulatory system. 7. Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill.): its composition and biological activity]
    Ceska Slov Farm.    impact factor:   0
    2001;  50(4): 173-80

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