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    C31H38O16    666.63

    1:  Lei L, Yang F, Zhang T, Tu P, Wu L, Ito Y.
    Preparative isolation and purification of acteoside and 2'-acetyl acteoside from Cistanches salsa (C.A. Mey.) G. Beck by high-speed counter-current chromatography.
    J Chromatogr A.    impact factor:   2.52
    2001;  912(1): 181-5

    2:  He ZD, Huang Y, Yao X, Lau CW, Law WI, Chen ZY.
    Purification of phenylethanoids from Brandisia hancei and the antiproliferative effects on aortic smooth muscle.
    Planta Med.    impact factor:   1.438
    2001;  67(6): 520-2

    3:  Xiong Q, Hase K, Tezuka Y, Tani T, Namba T, Kadota S.
    Hepatoprotective activity of phenylethanoids from Cistanche deserticola.
    Planta Med.    impact factor:   1.438
    1998;  64(2): 120-5

    4:  Xiong Q, Kadota S, Tani T, Namba T.
    Antioxidative effects of phenylethanoids from Cistanche deserticola.
    Biol Pharm Bull.    impact factor:   .844
    1996;  19(12): 1580-5

    5:  He ZD, Lau KM, Xu HX, Li PC, Pui-Hay But P.
    Antioxidant activity of phenylethanoid glycosides from Brandisia hancei.
    J Ethnopharmacol.    impact factor:   .687
    2000;  71(3): 483-6

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