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    C21H20O11    448.38

    1:  Gil B, Sanz MJ, Terencio MC, Ferrandiz ML, Bustos G, Paya M, Gunasegaran R, Alcaraz MJ.
    Effects of flavonoids on Naja naja and human recombinant synovial phospholipases A2 and inflammatory responses in mice.
    Life Sci.    impact factor:   1.774
    1994;  54(20): PL333-8

    2:  Sanz MJ, Ferrandiz ML, Cejudo M, Terencio MC, Gil B, Bustos G, Ubeda A, Gunasegaran R, Alcaraz MJ.
    Influence of a series of natural flavonoids on free radical generating systems and oxidative stress.
    Xenobiotica.    impact factor:   1.335
    1994;  24(7): 689-99

    3:  Nowak S, Wolbis M.
    Flavonoids from some species of genus Scopolia Jacq.
    Acta Pol Pharm.    impact factor:   0
    2002;  59(4): 275-80

    4:  Wang X, Zhang Q.
    [Studies of the chemical constituents of Ardisia pusilla A. DC.]
    Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi.    impact factor:   0
    1990;  15(3): 166-7, 191

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