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    C14H21N3O5    311.34

    1:  Chen CX, Kwan CY.
    Endothelium-independent vasorelaxation by leonurine, a plant alkaloid purified from Chinese motherwort.
    Life Sci.    impact factor:   1.774
    2001;  68(8): 953-60

    2:  Yeung HW, Kong YC, Lay WP, Cheng KF.
    The structure and biological effect of leonurine. A uterotonic principle from the Chinese drug, I-mu Ts'ao.
    Planta Med.    impact factor:   1.438
    1977;  31(1): 51-6

    3:  Pang S, Tsuchiya S, Horie S, Uchida M, Murayama T, Watanabe K.
    Enhancement of phenylephrine-induced contraction in the isolated rat aorta with endothelium by H2O-extract from an Oriental medicinal plant Leonuri herba.
    Jpn J Pharmacol.    impact factor:   1.317
    2001;  86(2): 215-22

    4:  Kong YC, Yeung HW, Cheung YM, Hwang JC, Chan YW, Law YP, Ng KH, Yeung CH.
    Isolation of the uterotonic principle from Leonurus artemisia, the Chinese motherwort.
    Am J Chin Med.    impact factor:   .583
    1976;  4(4): 373-82

    5:  Luo SR.
    [Separation and determination of alkaloids of Leonurus sibiricus]
    Zhong Yao Tong Bao.    impact factor:   0
    1985;  10(1): 32-5

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