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    C12H22O2    198.3

    1:  Van Den Brink DM, Brites P, Haasjes J, Wierzbicki AS, Mitchell J, Lambert-Hamill M, De Belleroche J, Jansen GA, Waterham HR, Wanders RJ.
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    Blood.    impact factor:   8.782
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    3:  D'Uscio LV, Milstien S, Richardson D, Smith L, Katusic ZS.
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    5:  Singh K, Modak MJ.
    Presence of 18 A long hydrogen bond track in the active site of E.COLI DNA polymerase I (KLENOW FRAGMENT): its requirement in the stabilization of enzyme - template - primer complex.
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    2003;   [e-pub ahead of print]

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