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    C46H74O16    883.07

    1:  Bearez P, DeVries TJ, Ortlieb L.
    Comment on "Otolith delta18O record of mid-Holocene sea surface temperatures in Peru".
    Science.    impact factor:   24.595
    2003;  299(5604): 203; author reply 203

    2:  Levin-Zaidman S, Englander J, Shimoni E, Sharma AK, Minton KW, Minsky A.
    Ringlike structure of the Deinococcus radiodurans genome: a key to radioresistance?
    Science.    impact factor:   24.595
    2003;  299(5604): 254-6

    3:  Masmoudi O, Gandolfo P, Leprince J, Vaudry D, Fournier A, Patte-Mensah C, Vaudry H, Tonon MC.
    Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) stimulates endozepine release from cultured rat astrocytes via a PKA-dependent mechanism.
    FASEB J.    impact factor:   11.88
    2003;  17(1): 17-27

    4:  Szado T, Kuo KH, Bernard-Helary K, Poburko D, Lee CH, Seow C, Ruegg UT, Van Breemen C.
    Agonist-induced mitochondrial Ca2+ transients in smooth muscle.
    FASEB J.    impact factor:   11.88
    2003;  17(1): 28-37

    5:  Rodrigues S, Van Aken E, Van Bocxlaer S, Attoub S, Nguyen QD, Bruyneel E, Westley BR, May FE, Thim L, Mareel M, Gespach C, Emami S.
    Trefoil peptides as proangiogenic factors in vivo and in vitro: implication of cyclooxygenase-2 and EGF receptor signaling.
    FASEB J.    impact factor:   11.88
    2003;  17(1): 7-16

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