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    C57H92O24    1161.33

    1:  Rodrigues S, Van Aken E, Van Bocxlaer S, Attoub S, Nguyen QD, Bruyneel E, Westley BR, May FE, Thim L, Mareel M, Gespach C, Emami S.
    Trefoil peptides as proangiogenic factors in vivo and in vitro: implication of cyclooxygenase-2 and EGF receptor signaling.
    FASEB J.    impact factor:   11.88
    2003;  17(1): 7-16

    2:  Groenewegen WA, Firouzi M, Bezzina CR, Vliex S, Van Langen IM, Sandkuijl L, Smits JP, Hulsbeek M, Rook MB, Jongsma HJ, Wilde AA.
    A cardiac sodium channel mutation cosegregates with a rare connexin40 genotype in familial atrial standstill.
    Circ Res.    impact factor:   8.281
    2003;  92(1): 14-22

    3:  Fallavollita JA, Malm BJ, Canty JM Jr.
    Hibernating myocardium retains metabolic and contractile reserve despite regional reductions in flow, function, and oxygen consumption at rest.
    Circ Res.    impact factor:   8.281
    2003;  92(1): 48-55

    4:  Flores C, Rojas S, Aguayo C, Parodi J, Mann G, Pearson JD, Casanello P, Sobrevia L.
    Rapid Stimulation of L-Arginine Transport by D-Glucose Involves p42/44(mapk) and Nitric Oxide in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelium.
    Circ Res.    impact factor:   8.281
    2003;  92(1): 64-72

    5:  Tamamori-Adachi M, Ito H, Sumrejkanchanakij P, Adachi S, Hiroe M, Shimizu M, Kawauchi J, Sunamori M, Marumo F, Kitajima S, Ikeda MA.
    Critical Role of Cyclin D1 Nuclear Import in Cardiomyocyte Proliferation.
    Circ Res.    impact factor:   8.281
    2003;  92(1): E12-E19

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