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    C15H24    204.35

    1:  Jirovetz L, Buchbauer G, Ngassoum MB, Geissler M.
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    J Chromatogr A.    impact factor:   2.52
    2002;  976(1-2): 265-75

    2:  Mallavarapu GR, Kulkarni RN, Baskaran K, Rao L, Ramesh S.
    Influence of plant growth stage on the essential oil content and composition in Davana (Artemisia pallens wall.).
    J Agric Food Chem.    impact factor:   1.56
    1999;  47(1): 254-8

    3:  de Moura NF, Simionatto E, Porto C, Hoelzel SC, Dessoy EC, Zanatta N, Morel AF.
    Quinoline alkaloids, coumarins and volatile constituents of Helietta longifoliata.
    Planta Med.    impact factor:   1.438
    2002;  68(7): 631-4

    4:  Gallori S, Bilia AR, Mulinacci N, Bicchi C, Rubiolo P, Vincieri FF.
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    Planta Med.    impact factor:   1.438
    2001;  67(3): 290-2

    5:  Costantin MB, Sartorelli P, Limberger R, Henriques AT, Steppe M, Ferreira MJ, Ohara MT, Emerenciano VP, Kato MJ.
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    Planta Med.    impact factor:   1.438
    2001;  67(8): 771-3

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