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    C23H25ClO12    528.89

    1:  Davison PA, Hunter CN, Horton P.
    Overexpression of beta-carotene hydroxylase enhances stress tolerance in Arabidopsis.
    Nature.    impact factor:   29.491
    2002;  418(6894): 203-6

    2:  Spelt C, Quattrocchio F, Mol J, Koes R.
    ANTHOCYANIN1 of petunia controls pigment synthesis, vacuolar pH, and seed coat development by genetically distinct mechanisms.
    Plant Cell.    impact factor:   10.463
    2002;  14(9): 2121-35

    3:  Yanovsky MJ, Luppi JP, Kirchbauer D, Ogorodnikova OB, Sineshchekov VA, Adam E, Kircher S, Staneloni RJ, Schafer E, Nagy F, Casal JJ.
    Missense mutation in the PAS2 domain of phytochrome A impairs subnuclear localization and a subset of responses.
    Plant Cell.    impact factor:   10.463
    2002;  14(7): 1591-603

    4:  Procissi A, Dolfini S, Ronchi A, Tonelli C.
    Light-Dependent Spatial and Temporal Expression of Pigment Regulatory Genes in Developing Maize Seeds.
    Plant Cell.    impact factor:   10.463
    1997;  9(9): 1547-1557

    5:  Russin WA, Evert RF, Vanderveer PJ, Sharkey TD, Briggs SP.
    Modification of a Specific Class of Plasmodesmata and Loss of Sucrose Export Ability in the sucrose export defective1 Maize Mutant.
    Plant Cell.    impact factor:   10.463
    1996;  8(4): 645-658

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