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    C16H26O2    250.38

    1:  Bork PM, Schmitz ML, Kuhnt M, Escher C, Heinrich M.
    Sesquiterpene lactone containing Mexican Indian medicinal plants and pure sesquiterpene lactones as potent inhibitors of transcription factor NF-kappaB.
    FEBS Lett.    impact factor:   3.72
    1997;  402(1): 85-90

    2:  Barrero AF, Oltra JE, Cuerva JM, Rosales A.
    Effects of solvents and water in Ti(III)-mediated radical cyclizations of epoxygermacrolides. Straightforward synthesis and absolute stereochemistry of (+)-3alpha-hydroxyreynosin and related eudesmanolides.
    J Org Chem.    impact factor:   3.44
    2002;  67(8): 2566-71

    3:  Chang FR, Hsieh TJ, Huang TL, Chen CY, Kuo RY, Chang YC, Chiu HF, Wu YC.
    Cytotoxic constituents of the stem bark of Neolitsea acuminatissima.
    J Nat Prod.    impact factor:   1.652
    2002;  65(3): 255-8

    4:  Galal AM.
    Microbial transformation of pyrethrosin.
    J Nat Prod.    impact factor:   1.652
    2001;  64(8): 1098-9

    5:  Barrero AF, Oltra JE, Morales V, Alvarez M, Rodriguez-Garcia I.
    Biomimetic cyclization of cnicin to malacitanolide, a cytotoxic eudesmanolide from Centaurea malacitana.
    J Nat Prod.    impact factor:   1.652
    1997;  60(10): 1034-5

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