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    C40H56O3    584.88

    1:  Bouvier F, Backhaus RA, Camara B.
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    J Biol Chem.    impact factor:   7.666
    1998;  273(46): 30651-9

    2:  Kumagai MH, Keller Y, Bouvier F, Clary D, Camara B.
    Functional integration of non-native carotenoids into chloroplasts by viral-derived expression of capsanthin-capsorubin synthase in Nicotiana benthamiana.
    Plant J.    impact factor:   5.09
    1998;  14(3): 305-15

    3:  Hugueney P, Badillo A, Chen HC, Klein A, Hirschberg J, Camara B, Kuntz M.
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    Plant J.    impact factor:   5.09
    1995;  8(3): 417-24

    4:  Bouvier F, Hugueney P, d'Harlingue A, Kuntz M, Camara B.
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    5:  Al-Babili S, Hugueney P, Schledz M, Welsch R, Frohnmeyer H, Laule O, Beyer P.
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    FEBS Lett.    impact factor:   3.72
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