Ingredient ID 108 
Chinese Pronunciation DIHUANG 
English Name Rehmannia Root  
Latin Name Radix Rehmanniae  
Aliases JiuHuHua
Cancers Nourish  
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Aucubin

   C15H22O9   346.33

2. Campesterol

   C28H48O   400.68

3. Catalpol

   C15H22O10   362.33

4. Dihydrocatalpol

   C15H24O10   364.34

5. Leonuride

   C15H24O9   348.35

6. Melittoside

   C11H16O5   228.24

7. Rehmannioside A

   C21H32O15   524.47

8. Rehmannioside B

   C17H26O9   374.38

9. Rehmannioside C

   C17H28O8   360.4

10. Rehmannioside D

   C27H42O20   686.61

11. Beta-sitosterol

   C29H50O   414.71

12. Stigmasterol

   C29H48O   412.7

13. Rehmannin


14. Mannitol

   C6H14O6   182.17

15. Glucose

   C6H12O6   180.16

16. Arginine

   C6H14N4O2   174.2

Recipes that contain
  1. 49      GuiSheTang
  2. 272      FuZhengKangAiTang
  3. 280      GuiSheTang

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