Ingredient ID 118 
Chinese Pronunciation JUEMINGZI 
English Name Cassia Seed  
Latin Name Semen Cassiae  
Aliases CaoJueMing
Cancers Cervical  
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Chrysophanol

   C15H10O4   254.24

2. Chrysophanic Acid Anthrone

   C15H12O3   240.26

3. Chrysophanol-1-beta-gentiobioside

   C16H12O4   268.27

4. Emodin

   C15H10O5   270.24
NSC# 408120 Activity (<10uM)

5. Torachrysone

   C14H14O4   246.26

6. Toralactone

   C15H12O5   272.25

Recipes that contain
  1. 103      RuAiFangEr
  2. 383      RuAiFang

Available references (order by impact factor):

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