Ingredient ID 123 
Chinese Pronunciation FANGJI 
English Name Fourstamen Stephania Root  
Latin Name Radix Stephaniae Tetrandrae  
Aliases HanFangJi
Cancers Lung
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Cissamine

   C20H24NO4   342.41

2. Sinomenin

   C19H23NO4   329.39

3. Fanchinin

   C38H42N2O6   622.76
NSC# 77037 Activity (<1uM)
NSC# 91771 Activity (but inactive >10uM)
NSC# 97338 Activity (<10uM)
NSC# 105130 Activity (<10uM)

4. Fangchinoline

   C37H40N2O6   608.73
NSC# 77036 Activity (<10uM)

5. Thunbergin


Recipes that contain
  1. 113      HuangBaiTang
  2. 381      RuAiFang

Available references (order by impact factor):

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