Ingredient ID 144 
Chinese Pronunciation BUGUZHI 
English Name Malaytea Scurfpea Fruit  
Latin Name Fructus Psoraleae  
Aliases PoGuZhi
Cancers Brain
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Bakuchiol

   C18H24O   256.39
NSC# 671195 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

2. Bavachalcone

   C21H22O4   338.4

3. Bavachinin

   C21H22O4   338.4

4. Bavachromene

   C20H18O4   322.36

5. Corylifolin

   C20H20O4   324.37

6. Corylifolinin

   C20H20O4   324.37

7. Isobavachin

   C20H20O5   340.37

8. Isoneobavachalcone

   C17H14O5   298.29

9. Angelicin

   C11H6O3   186.17

10. Neobavaisoflavone

   C20H18O4   322.36

11. Psoralidin

   C20H16O5   336.34

12. Bakuchalcone

   C20H20O5   340.37

13. Psoralen

   C11H6O3   186.17

Recipes that contain
  1. 119      BuTengTang
  2. 161      ZhuGouLongSheTang
  3. 182      HuaYuBuShuiTang
  4. 396      BuTengTang
  5. 435      BaiXueBingFang
  6. 450      WuQiongTang
  7. 456      ZhuGouLongSheTang
  8. 473      HuaYuBuSuiTang
  9. 473      HuaYuBuSuiTang
  10. 473      HuaYuBuSuiTang

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