Ingredient ID 152 
Chinese Pronunciation KUSHEN 
English Name Lightyellow Sophora Root  
Latin Name Radix Sophorae Flavescentis  
Aliases YeHuaiGen
Cancers Lung
Identified Compounds

order by ID

1. Anagyrine

   C16H22N2O   258.36

2. Baptifoline

   C15H20N2O2   260.34

3. Cytisine

   C11H14N2O   190.24

4. Formononetin

   C16H12O3   252.26

5. Isomatrine

   C15H24N2O   248.37

6. Kuraridin

   C26H30O6   438.52

7. Kuraridinol

   C26H32O7   456.53

8. Kurarinol

   C26H30O7   454.52

9. Matrine

   C15H24N2O   248.37

10. N-methylcytisine

   C12H16N2O   204.27

11. Norkurarinone

   C25H28O6   424.49

12. Oxymatrine

   C15H24N2O2   264.37

13. Sophocarpine

   C15H22N2O   246.35

14. Sophoranol

   C15H24N2O2   264.37

15. Sophoridine

   C15H24N2O   248.37

Recipes that contain
  1. 19      LiQiJiangNiTang
  2. 36      ShanJiaKuShenTang
  3. 51      ErShenErDongTang
  4. 91      ErGenTang
  5. 195      SaiXianAiFang
  6. 223      LiQiJiangNiTang
  7. 239      ErShenTang
  8. 267      ShanJiaKuShenTang
  9. 291      YiQiZiYinTang
  10. 299      ErShenErDongTang
  11. 339      HeiBeiGao
  12. 339      HeiBeiGao
  13. 344      ZhengAiPian
  14. 344      ZhengAiPian
  15. 348      TengLingTang
  16. 371      ErGenTang
  17. 411      PangGuangAiFang
  18. 518      GanAiFangV
  19. 524      GanAiCanKaoFangV

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