Ingredient ID 153 
Chinese Pronunciation KUXINGREN 
English Name Bitter Apricot Seed  
Latin Name Semen Armeniacae Amarum  
Aliases XingRen  
Cancers Lung
Identified Compounds

order by ID

1. Amygdalase


2. Amygdalin

   C20H27NO11   457.43
NSC# 15780 Activity (but inactive >10uM)
NSC# 251222 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

3. Mandelonitrile

   C8H7NO   133.15

4. Prunasin

   C14H17NO6   295.29

5. Prunasine

   C14H17NO6   295.29

Recipes that contain
  1. 8      ErFenWan
  2. 61      QingDuLiFeiTang
  3. 292      GanAiFang
  4. 309      QingDuLiFeiTang

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