Ingredient ID 159 
Chinese Pronunciation KUNBU 
English Name Kelp  
Latin Name Thallus Laminariae  
Aliases JiangBaiCai  
Cancers Thyroid
Identified Compounds

order by ID

1. Algin

   C7H12O3   144.17

2. Alginic Acid

   C6H10O7   194.14

3. Alloisoleucine

   C6H13NO2   131.17
NSC# 46709 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

4. D-mannitol

   C6H14O6   182.17

5. Galactan


6. Laminarin


7. Laminine

   C9H20N2O2   188.27

8. Thiamine

   C12H17ClN4OS   300.81

9. Vitamin C

   C6H8O6   176.12

10. Vitamin P


Recipes that contain
  1. 38      BanZhiLianTang
  2. 52      FuRongFeiAiXiao
  3. 56      FeiAiFang
  4. 58      FoJiaCaoTang
  5. 64      SheGenTang
  6. 69      SanChongTang
  7. 75      BanZhiLianTangEr
  8. 80      AiDiWan
  9. 97      XiaoLiuFang
  10. 101      RuAiFang
  11. 110      RuXianAiCanKaoFangSan
  12. 112      HuangLouTang
  13. 113      HuangBaiTang
  14. 114      ErChongHeJi
  15. 116      ErRenTangEr
  16. 117      LongGuTang
  17. 121      ShanLongTang
  18. 162      JiangNanBaiHuaTang
  19. 167      YiAiPian
  20. 172      LaoLiuTang
  21. 177      LuNeiCanKanFangEr
  22. 178      LuNeiCanKanFangSan
  23. 179      LuNeiCanKanFangSi
  24. 188      LuanChaoAiFang
  25. 189      LuanChaoAiFangEr
  26. 195      SaiXianAiFang
  27. 197      ZiGongJiLiuFang
  28. 202      GangMenAiFang
  29. 219      FuFanLaoShaTang(San)
  30. 234      FuFangLaoShaJian
  31. 254      WuHuTang
  32. 256      FuFangSheSheCaoTang
  33. 283      ErJiaTang
  34. 288      WuHuTang
  35. 289      LongDanXieGanTang
  36. 304      FengAiFang
  37. 306      FuFangFuJiaCaoTang
  38. 312      SheGenTang
  39. 319      SanChongCao
  40. 325      FuFangBanZhiLianTang
  41. 342      AiDiWan
  42. 354      615San
  43. 377      XiaoLiuFang
  44. 381      RuAiFang
  45. 385      RuAiFang
  46. 389      HuangLouTang
  47. 390      HuangBaiTang
  48. 391      ErChongHeJi
  49. 393      ErRenTang
  50. 394      LongGuTang
  51. 398      ShanLongTang
  52. 399      HuangGuTang
  53. 400      HuangGuTangII
  54. 460      JiangNanBaiHuaTang
  55. 466      YiAiPian
  56. 467      NaoLiuTang
  57. 476      ZhiFangLiuFang
  58. 477      SaiXianAiFang
  59. 481      ZiGongJiLiuFang
  60. 485      LuanCaoAiFang
  61. 489      GangMenAiFang
  62. 501      WeiAiFangIV

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