Ingredient ID 185 
Chinese Pronunciation FULING 
English Name Indian Bread  
Latin Name Poria  
Aliases WanLingJin
Cancers Nourish  
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Caprylic Acid

   C8H16O2   144.21

2. Chitin

   C32H54N4O21   830.79

3. Choline

   C5H14NO   104.17

4. Eburicoic Acid

   C31H50O3   470.73
NSC# 41969 Activity (<10uM)

5. Ergosterol

   C28H44O   396.65

6. Lauric Acid

   C12H24O2   200.32

7. Pachymic Acid

   C33H52O5   528.77

8. Palmitic Acid

   C16H32O2   256.43

9. Pinicolic Acid

   C30H46O3   454.69

10. Poricoic Acid B

   C30H44O5   484.67

11. Tumulosic Acid

   C31H50O4   486.73

12. Undecanoic Acid

   C11H22O2   186.29

13. 3beta-hydroxylahosta-7,9(11),24-trien-21-oic Acid


14. Adenine

   C5H5N5   135.13

15. Histidine

   C6H9N3O2   155.16

16. Lecithin

   C8H20NO6P   257.22

17. Pachyman


18. Pachymaran


19. Glucose

   C6H12O6   180.16

Recipes that contain
  1. 3      KangAiTang
  2. 20      LiWeiHuaJieTang
  3. 21      LiWeiTongGuanTang
  4. 22      JianPiLiQiTang
  5. 27      ShenShuTang
  6. 30      ShenShuQiSheTang
  7. 45      YuanBaoCaoTang
  8. 48      DangGuiLiGanTang
  9. 49      GuiSheTang
  10. 63      LianTengBaiSheTang
  11. 73      ShengJinJieDuYin
  12. 79      GongJingAiFang
  13. 85      LianLingTang
  14. 95      FengFangTang
  15. 107      ChongMaiYin
  16. 109      RuXianAiCanKaoFangEr
  17. 110      RuXianAiCanKaoFangSan
  18. 123      LouShenTang
  19. 128      LongSheYangQuanTang
  20. 131      SheSangTang
  21. 133      PangGuangAiFangSan
  22. 135      PangGuangAiFangWu
  23. 151      BaiXueBingFang
  24. 157      WuXiongTang
  25. 160      BaiXueBingFangSan
  26. 169      HongBaiJinDanTang
  27. 171      LinBaCanKaoFangEr
  28. 177      LuNeiCanKanFangEr
  29. 180      LuNeiCanKanFangWu
  30. 187      LingHuaTang
  31. 200      ZiGongJiLiuFangSi
  32. 225      LiuWeiDiHuangWan
  33. 227      ZhiZiTang
  34. 241      LiWeiKangAiTang
  35. 241      LiWeiKangAiTang
  36. 241      LiWeiKangAiTang
  37. 248      LiangShenTang
  38. 252      ShenShuQiSheTang
  39. 255      TengHuTang
  40. 272      FuZhengKangAiTang
  41. 276      FuFangYuanBaoCaoTang
  42. 279      DangGuiLiGanTang
  43. 280      GuiSheTang
  44. 287      FuFangYinChenTang
  45. 287      FuFangYinChenTang
  46. 287      FuFangYinChenTang
  47. 287      FuFangYinChenTang
  48. 292      GanAiFang
  49. 301      FuZhengGongAiTang
  50. 309      QingDuLiFeiTang
  51. 311      LianTengBaiSheTang
  52. 312      SheGenTang
  53. 323      ShengJinJieDuYin
  54. 338      64Fang
  55. 338      64Fang
  56. 346      GongJingAiFang
  57. 359      GongJingAiJian(Yin)
  58. 361      FuFangHuangQiTang
  59. 375      FuFangFengFangTang
  60. 381      RuAiFang
  61. 383      RuAiFang
  62. 402      LouShenTang
  63. 403      YiXianAiFang
  64. 405      XinDanPangGuangTang
  65. 410      SheSangTang
  66. 450      WuQiongTang
  67. 484      ZiGongJiLiuFangIV
  68. 488      XianAiFang
  69. 490      XianWeiRouLiuFang
  70. 507      WeiAiCanKaoFangV
  71. 510      ChangAiCanKaoFangIII
  72. 515      GanAiFangIII
  73. 515      GanAiFangIII
  74. 520      GanAiCanKaoFangI
  75. 523      GanAiCanKaoFangIV
  76. 524      GanAiCanKaoFangV
  77. 527      GanAiCanKaoFangVIII

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