Ingredient ID 206 
Chinese Pronunciation JIEGENG 
English Name Platycodon Root  
Latin Name Radix Platycodi  
Aliases LingDangHua
Cancers Lung
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Betulin

   C30H50O2   442.72
NSC# 4644 Activity (<10uM)

2. Platycodin A

   C59H94O29   1267.36

3. Platycodin C

   C59H94O29   1267.36

4. Platycodin D

   C57H92O28   1225.33

5. Platycodin D2

   C63H102O33   1387.47

6. Polygalacin D

   C57H92O27   1209.32

7. Polygalacin D2

   C63H102O32   1371.47

Recipes that contain

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