Ingredient ID 213 
Chinese Pronunciation CHAIHU 
English Name Red Thorowax Root  
Latin Name Radix Bupleuri  
Aliases XiangChaiHu
Cancers Abdomen
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Adonitol

   C5H12O5   152.14

2. Bupleurumol

   C18H24O   256.39

3. Saikogenin E

   C30H48O3   456.71

4. Saikogenin F

   C30H48O4   472.71

5. Saikogenin G

   C30H48O4   472.71

6. Saikosaponin A

   C42H68O13   780.99

7. Saikosaponin C

   C48H78O17   927.13

8. Saikosaponin D

   C42H68O13   780.99

9. Chondrillasterol

   C31H50O   438.74

10. Stigmasterol

   C29H48O   412.7

11. Delta22-stigmastenol

   C29H50O   414.71

12. Delta7-stigmastenol

   C29H50O   414.71

13. Lonhispinogenin


14. Saikosaponin B


Recipes that contain
  1. 41      FuZhengKangAiTang
  2. 49      GuiSheTang
  3. 84      GongJingAiFangEr
  4. 96      RuAiYiHaoJian
  5. 107      ChongMaiYin
  6. 123      LouShenTang
  7. 169      HongBaiJinDanTang
  8. 279      DangGuiLiGanTang
  9. 280      GuiSheTang
  10. 286      LiangGenTang
  11. 286      LiangGenTang
  12. 287      FuFangYinChenTang
  13. 292      GanAiFang
  14. 346      GongJingAiFang
  15. 346      GongJingAiFang
  16. 354      615San
  17. 405      XinDanPangGuangTang
  18. 449      FuFangZhuYangYangTang
  19. 519      GanAiFangVI
  20. 523      GanAiCanKaoFangIV

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