Ingredient ID 215 
Chinese Pronunciation SHEGAN 
English Name Blackberrylily Rhizome  
Latin Name Rhizoma Belamcandae  
Aliases ZiJinBian
Cancers Nasopharynx
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Iridin

   C24H26O13   522.46

2. Irigenin

   C18H16O8   360.32

3. Irisflorentin

   C20H18O8   386.35

Recipes that contain
  1. 3      KangAiTang
  2. 34      ZhuYangYangTang
  3. 77      HeiPiGao
  4. 113      HuangBaiTang
  5. 117      LongGuTang
  6. 121      ShanLongTang
  7. 148      YingYangTang
  8. 154      ChanLianTang
  9. 159      SheSheCaoTang
  10. 206      KangAiTang
  11. 265      FuFangZhuYangYangTang
  12. 289      LongDanXieGanTang
  13. 390      HuangBaiTang
  14. 394      LongGuTang
  15. 398      ShanLongTang
  16. 432      YingYangTang
  17. 439      ChanLianTang
  18. 443      FuFangMaQianZiTang
  19. 453      FuFangSheCaoTang

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