Ingredient ID 231 
Chinese Pronunciation HUANGGUA 
English Name Cucumber  
Latin Name Fructus Cucumis Sativi  
Aliases HuGua
Cancers General
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Cucurbitacin A

   C32H46O9   574.71
NSC# 94743 Activity (<1uM)

2. Amarin

   C32H46O8   558.71
NSC# 49451 Activity (<1uM)

3. Cucurbitacin C

   C32H48O8   560.72

4. Elatericin

   C30H44O7   516.67
NSC# 308606 Activity (<1uM)

5. Isoquercetin

   C21H20O12   464.38

6. Rutin

   C27H30O16   610.52

Recipes that contain

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