Ingredient ID 280 
Chinese Pronunciation PUGONGYING 
English Name Dandelion  
Latin Name Herba Taraxaci  
Aliases HuaDiDing
Cancers Breast
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Choline

   C5H14NO   104.17

2. Cosmosiin

   C21H20O10   432.38
NSC# 407303 Activity (<1uM)

3. Flavoxanthin

   C40H56O3   584.88

4. Lactucopicrin

   C23H22O7   410.42

5. Lutein

   C40H56O2   568.88
NSC# 59193 Activity (<10uM)

6. Taraxasterol

   C30H50O   426.72

7. Taraxerol

   C30H50O   426.72

8. Violaxanthin

   C40H56O4   600.88

9. Vitamin A

   C20H30O   286.46
NSC# 122759 Activity (<1uM)

10. Thiamine

   C12H17ClN4OS   300.81

11. Vitamin C

   C6H8O6   176.12

12. Asparagine

   C4H8N2O3   132.12

13. Luteolin-7-glucoside

   C21H20O11   448.38
NSC# 700145 Activity (<10uM)

14. Taraxacin

   C15H14O3   242.27

15. Taraxocerin


16. 3,4 Dioxycinnamic Acid

   C9H6O4   178.14

17. Riboflavine

   C17H20N4O6   376.36

Recipes that contain
  1. 226      XiYiKangAiYiHaoSan
  2. 237      LianPuTang
  3. 267      ShanJiaKuShenTang
  4. 280      GuiSheTang
  5. 284      GanAiFang
  6. 289      LongDanXieGanTang
  7. 296      SheLianDouGenTang
  8. 300      FeiAiXiaoTang
  9. 304      FengAiFang
  10. 305      QingFeiYiAiTang
  11. 324      FuFangZiCaoGenTang
  12. 338      64Fang
  13. 343      ShanWuSan
  14. 347      LianLingTang
  15. 360      FuFangBanZhiLianPian
  16. 382      GuaLouGongYingTang
  17. 385      RuAiFang
  18. 391      ErChongHeJi
  19. 401      QuYuSanJieTang
  20. 406      FuFangErJiTang
  21. 409      PangGuangAiFang
  22. 438      KangBaiHeJi
  23. 459      BaiXueBingFangIV
  24. 473      HuaYuBuSuiTang
  25. 480      LongSheDianSheTang
  26. 507      WeiAiCanKaoFangV
  27. 511      ChangAiCanKaoFangIV
  28. 520      GanAiCanKaoFangI

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