Ingredient ID 281 
Chinese Pronunciation LEIGONGTENG 
English Name Common Threewingnut Root  
Latin Name Radix Tripterygii Wilfordii  
Aliases CaiChongYao
Cancers Liver
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Celabenzine

   C23H29N3O2   379.5

2. Celacinnine

   C25H31N3O2   405.54

3. Celafurine

   C21H27N3O3   369.46

4. Celallocinnine

   C25H31N3O2   405.54

5. Dipentene

   C10H16   136.24
NSC# 844 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

6. Dulcitol

   C6H14O6   182.17

7. 3-epikatonic Acid

   C30H48O3   456.71

8. Isoneotriptophenolide

   C21H28O4   344.45

9. Neotriptophenolide

   C21H26O4   342.43

10. Neowilforine

   C44H51NO16   849.88

11. Salaspermic Acid

   C30H48O4   472.71

12. Triptonoterpenol

   C21H30O4   346.46

13. Polpunonic Acid

   C30H48O3   456.7

14. 1,8-dihydroxy-4-hydroxymethyl Anthraquinone

   C15H10O5   270.24

15. Tannin

   C42H34O26   954.7

16. Tripdiolide

   C20H24O7   376.4

17. Tripdiotoinide

   C20H24O6   360.4

18. Triptodihydroxy Acid Methyl Ester

   C31H50O4   486.73

19. Triptofordin A

   C31H36O6   504.62

20. Triptofordin B1

   C29H34O6   478.58

21. Triptofordin B2

   C33H36O11   608.64

22. Triptofordin C-2

   C33H38O11   610.65

23. Triptofordin D71

   C34H38O10   606.66

24. Triptofordin D-2

   C36H42O11   650.72

25. Triptofordin E

   C33H38O11   610.65

26. Triptofordin F-1

   C37H42O13   694.73

27. Triptofordin F-2

   C35H40O13   668.69

28. Triptofordin F-3

   C37H42O14   710.72

29. Triptofordin F4

   C35H40O12   652.69

30. Triptofordinine A-1

   C41H43NO12   741.79

31. Triptofordinine A-2

   C41H43NO12   741.79

32. Triptolide

   C20H24O6   360.4
NSC# 163062 Activity (<1uM)

33. Triptolidenol

   C20H24O7   376.4

34. Triptonide

   C20H22O6   358.39
NSC# 165677 Activity (<1uM)

35. Triptonolide

   C20H22O4   326.39

36. Triptonoterpene

   C20H28O2   300.44

37. Triptonoterpene Methyl Ether

   C21H30O3   330.47

38. Triptonoterpenot

   C21H30O4   346.46

39. Triptophenolide

   C20H24O3   312.41

40. Triptophenolide Methyl Ether

   C21H26O3   326.43

41. Triptotriterpenic Acid A

   C30H48O4   472.71

42. Triptotriterpcnic Acid B


43. Triptotriterpenic Acid C

   C30H48O4   472.71

44. Triptotriterpenoidel Lactone A

   C31H48O2   452.72

45. Wilfordine

   C43H49NO19   883.85

46. Wilforgine

   C41H47NO19   857.81

47. Wilforine

   C43H49NO18   867.85

48. Wilforlide A

   C30H46O3   454.69

49. Wilforlide B

   C30H44O3   452.67

50. Wilformine

   C38H47NO18   805.78

51. Wilfornine

   C43H50N2O17   866.87

52. Wilforzine

   C41H47NO20   873.81

53. Wilfortrine

   C41H47NO20   873.81

54. Tripterolide

   C20H24O7   376.4

55. Glucose

   C6H12O6   180.16

Recipes that contain

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