Ingredient ID 304 
Chinese Pronunciation CHANSU 
English Name Toad Venom  
Latin Name Venenum Bufonis  
Aliases ChanSuMeiZhi
Cancers Skin
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Arenobufagin

   C24H32O6   416.51

2. Bufalin

   C24H34O4   386.53

3. Bufotalidin

   C24H32O6   416.51

4. Bufotalin

   C25H34O7   446.54

5. Bufotalinin

   C24H30O6   414.5

6. Bufotenidine

   C13H18N2O   218.3

7. Bufothionine

   C12H15N2O3S   267.33

8. Cholesterol

   C27H46O   386.66

9. Cinobufagin

   C26H34O6   442.55

10. Cinobufotalidin

   C24H34O6   418.52

11. Cinobufotalin

   C26H34O7   458.55

12. Bufotenine

   C12H16N2O   204.27

13. Cinobufotoxin

   C40H58N4O10   754.92

14. Desacetylbufotalin

   C24H34O5   402.53

15. Desacetylcinobufagin

   C24H32O5   400.51

16. Gamabufotalin

   C24H34O4   386.53

17. Resibufogenin

   C24H32O4   384.51

18. Suberic Acid

   C8H14O4   174.19

19. Telocinobufagin

   C24H34O5   402.53

20. 10beta-hydroxy-19-methyl-cinobufagin

   C26H34O7   458.54

21. 12-beta-hydroxycinobufagin

   C26H34O7   458.54

22. 15beta-hydroxy-bufalin

   C24H34O5   402.52

23. 19-hydroxycinobufotalin

   C26H34O8   475.54

24. 19-hydroxymarinobufagin

   C24H32O6   416.51

25. 19-oxdessacetyl-cinobufotalin


26. 19beta-hydroxybufalin

   C24H34O5   402.52

27. 3-(11-o-accetyl-gamabufotaly)suberic Acid


28. 3-arenobufagyl-suberic Acid


29. 3-bufolyl-suberic Acid


30. 3-bufotalyl-suberic Acid


31. 3-gamabufotalyl-suberic Acid


32. 3-resibufogenyl-suberic Acid


33. 4beta-hydroxybufalin

   C24H34O5   402.52

34. Adrenaline

   C9H13NO3   183.2

35. Bufotalon


36. Bufotoxin

   C40H60N4O10   756.93

37. Cinobufotenine

   C12H16N2O   204.27

38. Desacetylcinobufaginol

   C24H30O6   414.49

39. Resibufogin


40. Telocinobufagyl Suberic Acid


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