Ingredient ID 305 
Chinese Pronunciation BIEJIA 
English Name Turtle Shell  
Latin Name Carapax Trionychis  
Aliases ShangJia
Cancers Liver
Identified Compounds

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1. Vitamin D

   C28H44O   396.65

Recipes that contain
  1. 49      GuiSheTang
  2. 62      LiangGenSanCaoTang
  3. 104      LianBoTang
  4. 114      ErChongHeJi
  5. 168      LinBaRouLiuFang
  6. 169      HongBaiJinDanTang
  7. 170      LinBaCanKaoFang
  8. 190      LuanChaoAiFangSan
  9. 195      SaiXianAiFang
  10. 199      ZiGongJiLiuFangSan
  11. 200      ZiGongJiLiuFangSi
  12. 201      ZiGongJiLiuFangWu
  13. 272      FuZhengKangAiTang
  14. 280      GuiSheTang
  15. 285      XiaoAiGaoYao
  16. 288      WuHuTang
  17. 384      LianBaiTang
  18. 458      XiJiaoDiHuangTang
  19. 484      ZiGongJiLiuFangIV
  20. 486      ZiGongJiLiuFangV
  21. 515      GanAiFangIII
  22. 515      GanAiFangIII
  23. 519      GanAiFangVI

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