Ingredient ID 31 
Chinese Pronunciation MAQIANZI 
English Name Nux Vomica  
Latin Name Semen Strychni  
Aliases FanMuBie
Cancers Esophagus
Identified Compounds

order by ID

1. 16-hydroxy-alpha-colubrine

   C22H24N2O4   380.44

2. 16-hydroxy-beta-colubrine

   C22H24N2O4   380.44

3. 2-hydroxy-3-methoxystrychnine

   C22H24N2O4   380.44

4. Alpha-colubrine

   C22H24N2O3   364.44

5. Alpha-colubrine


6. Beta-colubrine

   C22H24N2O3   364.44
NSC# 72862 Activity (<1uM)

7. Brucine

   C23H26N2O4   394.47

8. Cycloartenyl Palmitate


9. Icajine

   C22H24N2O3   364.44

10. Isobrucine

   C23H26N2O4   394.47

11. Isobrucine N-oxide

   C23H26N2O5   410.47

12. Isostrychnine

   C21H24N2O2   336.43

13. Isostrychnine N-oxide

   C21H24N2O3   352.43

14. Loganin

   C17H26O10   390.38

15. Novacine

   C24H28N2O5   424.49

16. Pseudobrucine

   C23H26N2O5   410.47
NSC# 99794 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

17. Pseudostrychnine

   C21H22N2O3   350.42
NSC# 99792 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

18. Strychnine

   C21H22N2O2   334.42

19. Vomicine

   C22H24N2O4   380.44

Recipes that contain
  1. 19      LiQiJiangNiTang
  2. 118      HuangDuLiangGenTang
  3. 140      JuZaoWan
  4. 144      PiQianSan
  5. 166      LuGanShiHu
  6. 185      KanAiYiHaoFenJi
  7. 233      QuanYangWan
  8. 235      LiangGenTang
  9. 258      GongJianWan
  10. 284      GanAiFang
  11. 284      GanAiFang
  12. 289      LongDanXieGanTang
  13. 351      TuoDuWan
  14. 378      AiLiuGao
  15. 395      HuangDuLiangGenTang
  16. 417      ShiAiGao
  17. 427      PiQianSan
  18. 445      MaHuangTang
  19. 465      FuFangLuGanShiHu
  20. 519      GanAiFangVI

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