Ingredient ID 313 
Chinese Pronunciation SANLENG 
English Name Common Burreed Tuber  
Latin Name Rhizoma Sparganii  
Aliases JingSanLeng  
Cancers Nourish  
Identified Compounds

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Recipes that contain
  1. 23      ShuanWuWeiAiTang
  2. 25      YuanZaoGenTang
  3. 43      GanAiYiHaoSan
  4. 55      ErXianTang
  5. 84      GongJingAiFangEr
  6. 114      ErChongHeJi
  7. 140      JuZaoWan
  8. 155      ZhuLianErGenTang
  9. 184      GuLiuFen
  10. 189      LuanChaoAiFangEr
  11. 190      LuanChaoAiFangSan
  12. 197      ZiGongJiLiuFang
  13. 198      ZiGongJiLiuFangEr
  14. 199      ZiGongJiLiuFangSan
  15. 200      ZiGongJiLiuFangSi
  16. 231      KangAiSan(Wan, Gao)
  17. 231      KangAiSan(Wan, Gao)
  18. 236      ZhiAiWan
  19. 242      ShuangWuWeiAiTang
  20. 244      FuFangYuanZaoTang
  21. 257      AiNingQiHaoWan
  22. 283      ErJiaTang
  23. 285      XiaoAiGaoYao
  24. 286      LiangGenTang
  25. 294      SheLianTang
  26. 303      ErXianTang
  27. 346      GongJingAiFang
  28. 391      ErChongHeJi
  29. 421      JuZaoWan
  30. 444      ZhuLianErGenTang
  31. 475      GuLiuFen
  32. 481      ZiGongJiLiuFang
  33. 482      ZiGongJiLiuFangII
  34. 483      ZiGongJiLiuFangIII
  35. 484      ZiGongJiLiuFangIV
  36. 494      ShiGuanAiFangVI
  37. 501      WeiAiFangIV
  38. 515      GanAiFangIII
  39. 515      GanAiFangIII
  40. 516      GanAiFangIV
  41. 519      GanAiFangVI
  42. 523      GanAiCanKaoFangIV

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