Ingredient ID 338 
Chinese Pronunciation WUBEIZI 
English Name Chinese Gall  
Latin Name Galla Chinensis  
Aliases WenGe
Cancers Cervical  
Identified Compounds

order by ID

1. Gallic Acid

   C7H6O5   170.12

2. Gallotannin

   C76H52O46   1701.21

Recipes that contain
  1. 81      ShanWuSan
  2. 166      LuGanShiHu
  3. 289      LongDanXieGanTang
  4. 339      HeiBeiGao
  5. 342      AiDiWan
  6. 343      ShanWuSan
  7. 351      TuoDuWan
  8. 354      615San
  9. 364      HuangBaiSan
  10. 378      AiLiuGao
  11. 465      FuFangLuGanShiHu
  12. 519      GanAiFangVI

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