Ingredient ID 41 
Chinese Pronunciation WUWEIZI 
English Name Orange Magnoliavine Fruit  
Latin Name Fructus Schisandrae  
Aliases HongLingZi
Cancers Lung
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Acetylborneol

   C12H20O2   196.29

2. Alpha-chamigrene

   C16H26   218.38

3. Beta-chamigrene

   C15H24   204.35

4. Citral

   C10H16O   152.24

5. Schisandrin

   C24H32O7   432.51

6. Gamma-schizandrin

   C23H28O6   400.46

7. Thymol Methyl Ether

   C11H16O   164.25

8. Tigloylgomisin H

   C24H32O7   432.51

9. Tigloylgomisin P

   C24H30O8   446.49

10. Alpha-ylangene

   C15H24   204.35

11. Chamigrenal

   C15H22O   218.34

12. Dexyschizandrin


13. Lignin


14. Pseudo-gamma-schizandrin


15. Schizandrin A

   C24H32O6   416.51

16. Schizandrol

   C24H32O7   432.51

17. Schizantherin A

   C30H32O9   536.57
NSC# 330516 Activity (<10uM)

18. Schizantherin B

   C28H34O9   514.57

19. Schizantherin C

   C28H34O9   514.57

20. Schizantherin D

   C29H28O9   520.53

21. Schizantherin E

   C30H34O9   538.59

Recipes that contain
  1. 158      SanShenTang
  2. 244      FuFangYuanZaoTang
  3. 300      FeiAiXiaoTang
  4. 315      FuFangTieShuYeTang
  5. 438      KangBaiHeJi

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