Ingredient ID 457 
Chinese Pronunciation HAIZAO 
English Name Seaweed  
Latin Name Sargassum  
Aliases LuoShou
Cancers Sarcoma
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Glucuronic Acid

   C6H10O7   194.14

2. Mannose

   C6H12O6   180.15

3. Vitamin C

   C6H8O6   176.12

4. Xylose

   C5H10O5   150.13

5. D-galactose

   C6H12O6   180.15

6. Alginic Acid

   C6H10O7   194.14

7. Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine

   C41H81NO8P-   747.06

8. Sargassan


9. Fucose

   C6H12O5   164.16

10. Mannitol

   C6H14O6   182.17

Recipes that contain
  1. 29      ErJiaoTang
  2. 33      SheLiTang
  3. 35      ZaoZhiSan
  4. 44      ShenZaoTang
  5. 52      FuRongFeiAiXiao
  6. 56      FeiAiFang
  7. 57      QingFeiYiAiTang
  8. 58      FoJiaCaoTang
  9. 64      SheGenTang
  10. 71      DiBoTang
  11. 75      BanZhiLianTangEr
  12. 97      XiaoLiuFang
  13. 101      RuAiFang
  14. 103      RuAiFangEr
  15. 112      HuangLouTang
  16. 114      ErChongHeJi
  17. 116      ErRenTangEr
  18. 117      LongGuTang
  19. 119      BuTengTang
  20. 121      ShanLongTang
  21. 140      JuZaoWan
  22. 162      JiangNanBaiHuaTang
  23. 167      YiAiPian
  24. 168      LinBaRouLiuFang
  25. 172      LaoLiuTang
  26. 179      LuNeiCanKanFangSi
  27. 189      LuanChaoAiFangEr
  28. 193      HouAiFang
  29. 195      SaiXianAiFang
  30. 196      LongSheDianSheTang
  31. 200      ZiGongJiLiuFangSi
  32. 202      GangMenAiFang
  33. 219      FuFanLaoShaTang(San)
  34. 234      FuFangLaoShaJian
  35. 236      ZhiAiWan
  36. 247      ErJiaoTang
  37. 254      WuHuTang
  38. 256      FuFangSheSheCaoTang
  39. 264      SheLiTang
  40. 266      ZaoZhiSan
  41. 275      ShenZaoTang
  42. 278      BaiSheQianChanTang
  43. 283      ErJiaTang
  44. 287      FuFangYinChenTang
  45. 289      LongDanXieGanTang
  46. 300      FeiAiXiaoTang
  47. 304      FengAiFang
  48. 305      QingFeiYiAiTang
  49. 306      FuFangFuJiaCaoTang
  50. 312      SheGenTang
  51. 315      FuFangTieShuYeTang
  52. 319      SanChongCao
  53. 321      DiBaiTang
  54. 325      FuFangBanZhiLianTang
  55. 331      BiAiFang
  56. 354      615San
  57. 377      XiaoLiuFang
  58. 381      RuAiFang
  59. 383      RuAiFang
  60. 385      RuAiFang
  61. 389      HuangLouTang
  62. 391      ErChongHeJi
  63. 393      ErRenTang
  64. 394      LongGuTang
  65. 396      BuTengTang
  66. 398      ShanLongTang
  67. 399      HuangGuTang
  68. 400      HuangGuTangII
  69. 421      JuZaoWan
  70. 460      JiangNanBaiHuaTang
  71. 466      YiAiPian
  72. 467      NaoLiuTang
  73. 476      ZhiFangLiuFang
  74. 477      SaiXianAiFang
  75. 480      LongSheDianSheTang
  76. 484      ZiGongJiLiuFangIV
  77. 487      FuMoJianPiLiuFang
  78. 489      GangMenAiFang
  79. 501      WeiAiFangIV
  80. 505      WeiAiCanKaoFangIII

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