Ingredient ID 462 
Chinese Pronunciation TIANCAIGEN 
English Name Beet Root  
Latin Name Radix Betae  
Aliases ChuJunDaEr
Cancers Leukemia  
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Lydine

   C5H11NO2   117.15

2. Betaxanthin


3. Choline

   C5H14NO   104.17

4. Ferulic Acid

   C10H10O4   194.19

5. Caryophyllin

   C30H48O3   456.71
NSC# 4060 Activity (<10uM)
NSC# 167406 Activity (<10uM)

6. Vulgaxanthin I

   C14H17N3O7   339.3

7. Vulgaxanthin Ii

   C14H16N2O8   340.29

Recipes that contain

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