Ingredient ID 470 
Chinese Pronunciation YINBUHUAN 
English Name Barbate Cyclea Root  
Latin Name Radix Cycleae Barbatae  
Aliases SanXueDan
Cancers Nasopharynx  
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Berbamine

   C37H40N2O6   608.73
NSC# 93135 Activity (<10uM)
NSC# 105131 Activity (<10uM)
NSC# 645315 Activity (<10uM)

2. Cissamine

   C20H24NO4   342.41

3. Homoaromoline

   C37H40N2O6   608.73
NSC# 77036 Activity (<10uM)

4. Isochondrodendrin

   C36H38N2O6   594.7

5. Isotetrandrine

   C38H42N2O6   622.76
NSC# 77037 Activity (<1uM)
NSC# 91771 Activity (but inactive >10uM)
NSC# 97338 Activity (<10uM)
NSC# 105130 Activity (<10uM)

6. Fanchinin

   C38H42N2O6   622.76
NSC# 77037 Activity (<1uM)
NSC# 91771 Activity (but inactive >10uM)
NSC# 97338 Activity (<10uM)
NSC# 105130 Activity (<10uM)

7. L-curine

   C36H38N2O6   594.7

8. Beta-cyclanoline

   C20H24NO4+   342.41

9. D-isofangchinoline

   C37H40N2O6   608.73
NSC# 77036 Activity (<10uM)

10. Dl-fangchinoline

   C37H40N2O6   608.72

11. Fangchinoline

   C37H40N2O6   608.73
NSC# 77036 Activity (<10uM)

12. Limacine

   C37H40N2O6   608.73
NSC# 77036 Activity (<10uM)

13. Monomethyltetrandrine Chloride

   C39H44Cl2N2O6   707.68

Recipes that contain

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