Ingredient ID 487 
Chinese Pronunciation WOERQI 
English Name Chinese Umbrellaleaf Rhizome  
Latin Name Rhizoma Diphylleiae Sinensis  
Aliases JiangBianYiWanShui
Cancers Nourish  
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Anthricin

   C22H22O7   398.41
NSC# 403148 Activity (<1uM)

2. Beta-apopicropodophyllin

   C22H20O7   396.39

3. Dehydropodophyllotoxin

   C22H18O8   410.38

4. Diphyllin

   C21H16O7   380.35

5. Kaempferol

   C15H10O6   286.24

6. Podophyllotoxin

   C22H22O8   414.41
NSC# 24818 Activity (<1uM)

7. Quercetin

   C15H10O7   302.24
NSC# 9219 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

8. Picrodophyllotoxin


Recipes that contain

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