Ingredient ID 521 
Chinese Pronunciation BAIWEI 
English Name Blackend Swallowwort Root  
Latin Name Radix Cynanchi Atrati  
Aliases ShanYanGenZi
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Cynatratoside A

   C29H44O8   520.65

2. Cynatratoside B

   C41H62O14   778.92

3. Cynatratoside C

   C41H62O14   778.92

4. Cynatratoside D

   C47H72O19   941.06

5. Cynatratoside E

   C47H72O19   941.06

6. Glaucogenin A

   C21H28O6   376.44

7. Glaucogenin C

   C21H28O5   360.44

8. Glaucoside C

   C41H64O15   794.92

9. Glaucoside F

   C42H64O15   808.95

10. Glaucoside H

   C47H72O20   975.06

11. Cynanversicoside A

   C42H64O15   808.95

12. Cynanversicoside B

   C48H74O20   971.09

13. Atratoside C

   C48H72O18   937.07

14. Atratoside D

   C40H60O13   748.9

15. Atratogenin A

   C21H28O4   344.44

16. Atratogenin B

   C21H26O4   342.43

17. Atratoside A

   C42H64O13   776.95

18. Cynanchol


19. Atratoside B

   C48H74O18   939.09

20. Vanilline

   C8H10O2   138.16

Recipes that contain
  1. 80      AiDiWan
  2. 96      RuAiYiHaoJian
  3. 342      AiDiWan
  4. 376      RuAiYiHaoJian
  5. 449      FuFangZhuYangYangTang
  6. 449      FuFangZhuYangYangTang

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