Ingredient ID 532 
Chinese Pronunciation CHANCHU 
English Name Toad  
Latin Name Bufonis  
Aliases HaMa
Identified Compounds

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Recipes that contain
  1. 4      ShengLiDan
  2. 5      DiAiWan
  3. 18      ShaAiWan
  4. 19      LiQiJiangNiTang
  5. 37      ChangAiShuan
  6. 50      ChanLongPian
  7. 100      QiXiaoWan
  8. 166      LuGanShiHu
  9. 173      TuoDuWan
  10. 209      DiAiWan
  11. 231      KangAiSan(Wan, Gao)
  12. 253      FuFangShanCiGuTang
  13. 253      FuFangShanCiGuTang
  14. 281      FuFangChanLongPian
  15. 339      HeiBeiGao
  16. 351      TuoDuWan

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