Ingredient ID 536 
Chinese Pronunciation CHENPI 
English Name Tangerine Peel  
Latin Name Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae  
Aliases JuPi  
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Alpha-cubebene

   C14H22   190.33

2. Delta-cadinene

   C15H24   204.35

3. Beta-elemene

   C15H24   204.35

4. Elemol

   C15H26O   222.37

5. Alpha-farnesene

   C15H24   204.35

6. Hesperidin

   C28H34O15   610.56

7. Alpha-humulenol Acetate

   C17H26O2   262.39

8. D-limonene

   C10H16   136.24
NSC# 844 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

9. 1,8-menthadien-10-ol Acetate

   C12H18O2   194.27

10. Myrcene

   C10H16   136.24

11. Neohesperidin

   C28H34O15   610.56

12. Nobiletin

   C21H22O8   402.4
NSC# 76751 Activity (<10uM)

13. Beta-phellandrene

   C10H16   136.24

14. Beta-sesquiphellandrene

   C15H24   204.35

15. Tangeretin

   C20H20O7   372.37
NSC# 53909 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

16. Thujene

   C10H16   136.24

17. Vitamin C

   C6H8O6   176.12

18. 5,6,7,8,3',4'-hexamethoxyflavanone

   C21H24O8   404.41

19. 5-o-demethyl-citromitin

   C20H22O8   390.38

20. Alpha-humulene

   C15H24   204.35

Recipes that contain
  1. 2      KangAiPian
  2. 8      ErFenWan
  3. 10      JiangXiangTongGeTang
  4. 22      JianPiLiQiTang
  5. 23      ShuanWuWeiAiTang
  6. 29      ErJiaoTang
  7. 42      JianGanFen
  8. 43      GanAiYiHaoSan
  9. 109      RuXianAiCanKaoFangEr
  10. 123      LouShenTang
  11. 205      KangAiPian
  12. 212      ErFenWan
  13. 215      JiangXiangTongGeTang
  14. 219      FuFanLaoShaTang(San)
  15. 227      ZhiZiTang
  16. 232      ShiGuanAiFangII
  17. 233      QuanYangWan
  18. 241      LiWeiKangAiTang
  19. 242      ShuangWuWeiAiTang
  20. 242      ShuangWuWeiAiTang
  21. 247      ErJiaoTang
  22. 248      LiangShenTang
  23. 254      WuHuTang
  24. 255      TengHuTang
  25. 258      GongJianWan
  26. 259      WeiAiFang
  27. 271      KangAiWan
  28. 272      FuZhengKangAiTang
  29. 273      JianGanFen
  30. 274      GanAiYiHaoSan
  31. 287      FuFangYinChenTang
  32. 288      WuHuTang
  33. 288      WuHuTang
  34. 291      YiQiZiYinTang
  35. 294      SheLianTang
  36. 305      QingFeiYiAiTang
  37. 313      FeiAiFang
  38. 340      GongJingAiFang
  39. 367      ErRenTang
  40. 383      RuAiFang
  41. 399      HuangGuTang
  42. 402      LouShenTang
  43. 412      PiAiLing
  44. 488      XianAiFang
  45. 507      WeiAiCanKaoFangV
  46. 515      GanAiFangIII

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