Ingredient ID 552 
Chinese Pronunciation DENGXINCAO 
English Name Rush  
Latin Name Medulla Junci  
Aliases HuXuCao
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Luteolin

   C15H10O6   286.24

2. Araban


3. Luteolin-7-glucoside

   C21H20O11   448.38
NSC# 700145 Activity (<10uM)

4. Xylan

   C19H32O15   500.45

5. 3,13-dihydroxy-4-methyl-11-ethylenyl-6,7-dihydrophenanthrene(effusol)

   C17H16O2   252.31

6. Methyl Pentosan


7. Phlobaphene


Recipes that contain
  1. 128      LongSheYangQuanTang

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