Ingredient ID 569 
Chinese Pronunciation FENGFANG 
English Name Honeycomb  
Latin Name Nidus Vespae  
Aliases LuFengFang
Identified Compounds

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Recipes that contain
  1. 33      SheLiTang
  2. 40      QiChongSan
  3. 66      BiShangFang
  4. 69      SanChongTang
  5. 95      FengFangTang
  6. 97      XiaoLiuFang
  7. 110      RuXianAiCanKaoFangSan
  8. 112      HuangLouTang
  9. 162      JiangNanBaiHuaTang
  10. 172      LaoLiuTang
  11. 195      SaiXianAiFang
  12. 231      KangAiSan(Wan, Gao)
  13. 257      AiNingQiHaoWan
  14. 264      SheLiTang
  15. 270      QiChongSan
  16. 300      FeiAiXiaoTang
  17. 316      BiShangXiaFang
  18. 319      SanChongCao
  19. 341      Qi(San)PinDing
  20. 351      TuoDuWan
  21. 352      YuHuangWan
  22. 355      LongSheXiaoLiuWan
  23. 375      FuFangFengFangTang
  24. 377      XiaoLiuFang
  25. 389      HuangLouTang
  26. 405      XinDanPangGuangTang
  27. 460      JiangNanBaiHuaTang
  28. 467      NaoLiuTang
  29. 477      SaiXianAiFang
  30. 487      FuMoJianPiLiuFang
  31. 495      ShiGuanAiCanKaoFangI
  32. 502      LongSheXiaoLiuWan
  33. 511      ChangAiCanKaoFangIV

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