Ingredient ID
Chinese Pronunciation LIAOGEWANG 
English Name Indian Stringbush Root  
Latin Name Radix Wikstroemiae Indicae  
Aliases DiMianPi
Cancers Lymphoma
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. L-arctigenin

   C21H24O6   372.41

2. (+)-epipinoresinol

   C20H22O6   358.39

3. Genkwanin

   C16H12O5   284.27

4. Isodaphnoretin

   C20H14O7   366.32

5. Astragalin

   C21H20O11   448.38

6. Tricin

   C17H14O7   330.29

7. Wikstroemin

   C28H32O15   608.55

8. Wikstromol

   C20H22O7   374.39

9. Matairesinol

   C20H22O6   358.39

10. Pinoresinol

   C20H22O6   358.39

Recipes that contain

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