Ingredient ID 62 
Chinese Pronunciation HUOMAREN 
English Name Hemp Seed  
Latin Name Semen Cannabis  
Aliases DaMaRen
Cancers Intestine
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Linoleic Acid

   C18H32O2   280.45

2. Linolenic Acid

   C18H30O2   278.43

3. Muscarine

   C9H20NO2   174.26

4. Oleic Acid

   C18H34O2   282.46
NSC# 9856 Activity (<10uM)

5. Delta'-thc

   C21H30O2   314.47

6. Trigonelline

   C7H7NO2   137.14

7. L(d)-isoleucine Betaine

   C9H19NO2   173.25

8. Edestinase


9. Phytin

   C6H18CaMgO24P6   724.41

10. Saturated Fatty Acid


Recipes that contain
  1. 206      KangAiTang
  2. 262      AiLingJiuJian

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