Ingredient ID 63 
Chinese Pronunciation BADOU 
English Name Croton Fruit  
Latin Name Fructus Crotonis  
Aliases JiangZi
JiangZi(SiChan; GuangXi)
Cancers Stomach
Identified Compounds

order by ID

1. 4-deoxy-4alpha-phorbol

   C20H28O5   348.43

2. Crotin

   C4H8   56.11

3. Croton Oil Factor


4. Crotonic Acid

   C4H6O2   86.09

5. Crotonoside

   C10H13N5O5   283.24

6. Linoleic Acid

   C18H32O2   280.45

7. Oleic Acid

   C18H34O2   282.46
NSC# 9856 Activity (<10uM)

8. Phorbol

   C20H28O6   364.43

9. Tiglic Acid

   C5H8O2   100.12

Recipes that contain
  1. 146      KangXueDan
  2. 174      LaoLiuWan
  3. 285      XiaoAiGaoYao
  4. 317      BiAiFang
  5. 430      KangBaiDan

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