Ingredient ID 639 
Chinese Pronunciation HUIXIANG 
English Name Fennel Fruit  
Latin Name Fructus Foeniculi  
Aliases XiaoHuiXiang
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Anisaldehyde

   C8H8O2   136.15

2. Dipentene

   C10H16   136.24
NSC# 844 Activity (but inactive >10uM)

3. Estragole

   C10H12O   148.2

4. Fenchone

   C10H16O   152.24

5. Methylchavicol

   C10H12O   148.2

6. Behenic Acid

   C22H44O2   340.59

7. P-cymol

   C10H14   134.22

8. Alpha-phellandrene

   C10H16   136.23

9. Beta-myrcene


10. Campestadienol

   C28H46O   398.66

11. Deta-avenasterol


12. Deta-campestenol


13. Deta-stigmastenol


14. Petroselinic Acid

   C18H34O2   282.46

15. Phytosteryl-beta-fructofuranoside


16. Stigmastadienol

   C29H48O   412.69

17. Trans-anethole

   C10H12O   148.2

Recipes that contain
  1. 134      PangGuangAiFangSi

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