Ingredient ID 65 
Chinese Pronunciation SHUIZHI 
English Name Leech  
Latin Name Hirudo  
Aliases MaZhi
Cancers Skin
Identified Compounds

order by name

1. Histamine

   C5H9N3   111.15

2. Antithrombin


3. Heparin


4. Hirudin


5. Antithromfin


Recipes that contain
  1. 5      DiAiWan
  2. 35      ZaoZhiSan
  3. 40      QiChongSan
  4. 43      GanAiYiHaoSan
  5. 46      WuChongWan
  6. 141      LiuXiaoGao
  7. 173      TuoDuWan
  8. 190      LuanChaoAiFangSan
  9. 209      DiAiWan
  10. 220      ShuangRenSan
  11. 230      WuGongGongDuTang
  12. 266      ZaoZhiSan
  13. 270      QiChongSan
  14. 277      WuChongWan
  15. 284      GanAiFang
  16. 352      YuHuangWan
  17. 355      LongSheXiaoLiuWan
  18. 422      LiuXiaoGao
  19. 469      TuoDuWan
  20. 501      WeiAiFangIV
  21. 502      LongSheXiaoLiuWan
  22. 519      GanAiFangVI

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